Japanese and Kenyan Used cars


Wheels Dealers is an exclusive, members – only, automobile trading network – Connecting thousands of Car Dealers around the World. When you join Wheels Dealers, you became a member of the most important group of Used Car Markets around the World. Wheels Dealers is simply the most efficient way to showcase your stocks to a Dealer anywhere around the World.


Why to Choose Wheelsdealers :

  • WHEELS DEALERS is the exclusive, members – only Vehicle trading network
  • WHEELS DEALERS is the largest online Vehicle community today, connecting best Vehicle suppliers and buyers around the world. it is the primary market for Used Vehicle.
  • WHEELS DEALERS is an exclusive professional trading community.
  • When you join WHEELS DEALERS , you become a member of the most important and powerful group of vehicle dealers in the world.
  • WHEELS DEALERS is fully supported, monitored and managed by WHEELS DEALERS team members in Japan, India, HongKong, Saudi Arabia & Dubai.
  • WHEELS DEALERS is simply the most efficient way to show case your stock to a Local & global audience.

  Benefits of Wheelsdealers:

  • Members acn Search ,Auction, Post their Demand through WHEELS DEALERS.
  • WHEELS DEALERS connects buyers and sellers virtually WorldWide – enabling sales, saving time and money.
  • Our state-of-the-art search tool enables buyers to zero-in on the Vehicle they need – quickly and efficiently.
  • WHEELS DEALERS holds one of the Japan’s largest inventory of Used vehicles.
  • The Global virtual marketplace helps Sellers to expand their market instantly.
  • Our inventory module helps in meeting every single customer enquiry , While reducing inventory cost.

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