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Mitsubishi Wonderful Concept Car CA-MiEV features !!


Mitsubishi Motors Corporation researches lots on the electric vehicles. As the future is not depending on the petrol or diesel vehicles, fuel free cars are its main goal. As per rating the CA-MiEV  rates next to the New Outlander PHEV car. They mainly were concentrating on the Pure Electric (EV), Hybrid Electric (HEV), Plug-in Hybrid Electric (PHEV) cars. Especially they demonstrated in the geneva motor show on this year 2013.

Highlight of CA-MiEV:

With the i-MiEV hit of 2009 and continuous development of Electrical vehicles Mithubishi has now ended in designing the next generation compact Electric vehicle CA-MiEV but as per their intention they are not still ended up releasing this version of vehicles. But just to showcase the car for the global market.

The main highlights of these suburban vehicles were High density long standing batteries, Light weight body as wells advanced aerodynamics to offer a 300 km driving range. Magnetic resonance wireless charging technology and smart phone activated functions. High intensity lights, strong body that can withstand any climatic conditions.

Futuristic Concept of CA-MiEV:

Mitsubishi Motors R&D have really worked hard to come with a Concept CA-MiEV car already they have achieved a great precision with the 44g/km Outlander PHEV, lightweight 92 g/km Mirage. The Aerodynamic car design hatchback takes the previous record with a Cd target of 0.26. Shape is so sleek with great options such as rear view cameras, Minimal air intakes, Rear diffuser. The edge sculpted rear and front mirrors of the cars make it a strong powerful vehicle with a strong forward motion.


Big Capacity:

  • Compact merged power unit 80 kW motor + inverter + charger which makes powerful car with much weightless flawless power generation.
  • Flat battery which makes a long term battery life and performance
  • Magnetic resonance wireless charging technology
  • High density energy Lithium-ion batteries

Security Options:

  • Automatic e-mailing in case of theft.
  • Automatic e-calling in case of an emergency.
  • Remote controlling (engine start/no start, panic alarm, door locking.
  • Data transfer (maps) from Smartphone to in-car system
  • Remote energy monitoring or pre-heating for EVs and PHEVs (already featured with Outlander PHEV).

Credit : http://www.mitsubishi-cars.co.uk/

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Audi A6 Features

Audi A6 can be turbocharged four- cylinder or a more powerful V6 engine . Although the car was found that four turbochargers offers fuel economy than V6 engine provides greater acceleration . Transmission (CVT) demonstration base variable , while all other versions get an automatic eight-speed test pilot said the rapid transmission and smooth. 2013 A6 won the City / Highway 25/33 mpg, which is a very good class . Many critics have praised his handling and a comfortable ride Audi A6, BMW 5 Series and says Mercedes-Benz E-Class achieves a good balance between the two. Nevertheless, some commentators pull the steering feel of the A6 road .


Critics agree that 2013 A6 features a stylish cabin design built with quality materials. While some commentators have pointed out , stick A6 less than other large area of the back seat of a luxury sedan , others are spacious and comfortable cabin . Audi MMI infotainment functions climate and audio says the largest pilot test system, it is very easy to use. Audi A6 standard sunroof, three- zone climate control, 10 – Stereo speakers, Bluetooth , satellite radio and an iPod interface roof. Options and functions available on the upper plate , including navigation, automatic climate control with four zones , parking sensors, adaptive cruise control and the death camera surveillance system backup corner.


Few Main Car Dealers Feedback on this Car :

  • “The Audi A6 excels for its high levels of polish and sophistication that strikes a nice blend between the performance-oriented BMW 5-Series and coddling Mercedes-Benz E-Class. First-rate interior accommodations and a remarkably hushed cabin add to the experience.” — Consumer Guide 
  • “Features like a head-up display, an adaptive suspension, night vision with pedestrian detection and mobile Internet all keep the A6 on the cutting edge of technology. Besides all of this high-tech wizardry, the A6 also maintains Audi’s reputation for high-quality interiors and a refined ride quality.” — Edmunds 
  • “While the BMW 5 Series has long been the obvious choice for enthusiasts, and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is the preferred ride for those seeking more traditional luxury, Audi’s A6 strikes a unique balance: technology and design, performance and efficiency.” — Kelley Blue Book 
  • “So it has getaway speed, stops hard, and can handle itself pretty well. It also has a magnificently tailored cabin designed to transport you and your human cargo in safety, elegance, and serious comfort.” — Motor Trend (2012)


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BMW 3 Series Futuristic car features !!



2014 BMW 3-Series is considered one of the best performers in the class thanks to its powerful engines and lively handling. Critics have also impressed by its quality, high spacious interior.

2014 320i sedan has a turbocharged four-cylinder engine and a six speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission. A more powerful turbocharged four-cylinder models BMW 328i and turbocharged six-cylinder engine comes with 335i. Test drivers say the 328i sedan has a lot of power, while the 335i is even more impressive, especially when passing other cars on the road.. 320i comes with 24/36 miles per city / highway, which is good for the class gallon. If you still want better fuel economy, check out the new-for-2014 model diesel, as the 328D sedan that gets 32/45 city miles per / gallon highway. 3-series has a smooth ride and dynamic handling .In general  3-Series offers a fun to drive more experience in the classroom.

Most commentators believe kabiny2014 BMW 3 series is equipped with high quality materials and excellent build quality. However, some of them are disappointed with some less expensive materials such as leather seats and metallic accents forged, they consider inappropriate in this price category. They agree that a third series has a large trunk and a roomy back seat, which is great for passenger comfort. iDrive system is easier to use than the previous version, which they say it took a while to get the hang of. They were also impressed by the extra large screen infotainment center console, saying that, as its high definition graphics. Some test pilots noted that some retailers, such as the lever turn signals and shifting, it may be easier to use. The base 2014 BMW 320i sedan comes with features like Bluetooth, USB, HD radio port, automatic dual-zone climate and BMW iDrive, which includes a 6.5-inch screen. Most of these options, line 3 of the 2014 series are grouped into packages and include features such as rear view camera, side and top view cameras, parking sensors, active cruise control, navigation, satellite radio, a Harman Kardon audio system, Blind Spot Detection, Head-Up Display and Lane Departure Warning. 


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