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BMW Z8 Most Stylish and Expensive BMW !!

It’s the most expensive model BMW has ever produced. Loosely styled after the company’s 1959 507 sports car, it has an all-aluminum body attached to an aluminum space frame. It’s powered by a 400-horsepower V8 engine taken from the M5 performance sedan. It has a six-speed transmission, a 0-100 km/h time of about five seconds, and an electronically-governed top speed of 250 km/h. Pierce Brosnan drove (and destroyed!) one in the last James Bond film, The World Is Not Enough, and BMW will be making them in very limited numbers. The price tag is $192,000 and we’ll be lucky if 50 make their way to Canada.


So what’s it like to drive? In a word, exhilarating. Once you slide in behind the retro-styled dashboard and hit the starter button, you find yourself with seemingly unlimited amounts of power to play with. Typically, the transmission snicks from first into second, and synchromesh is less than refined. The engine has a muted kind of animal growl to it, and once prodded, the car leaps ahead like a grand prix racer. But this is no tire-burning hot rod. Thanks to a traction control system (again, taken from the M5) and oversized four-wheel ventilated disc brakes with ABS, everything is under control and the Z8 could be the most civilized 400-horsepower two-seater on the market. Although power comes on instantly, there is also a power band around 4500 rpm that feels like a turbo boost. The Z8 redlines at 6600 rpm, and those last few thousand rpms are a real kick in the pants. This is the kind of car you drive as far away from coffee shops as possible, because you’re speeding before you even have a chance to glance at the tach.

Interior accoutrements are surprisingly spartan. No vast expanses of exotic wood trim, no unnecessary use of leather. In an understated display of industrial chic, all surfaces are either brushed or painted aluminum, and all the controls are undersized, with a wire-spoked steering wheel and an ignition key mounted high on the dashboard. Like the Honda S2000, the Z8 has a starter button, and the instrumentation is located in the middle of the dash with extremely cool orange back-lighting. Elbow room is at a premium, and the top is deployed via a console-mounted button. The Z8 also comes with a Global Positioning System with verbal prompts, but I would suggest that you’ll be going to fast for it to be of any use. A contoured roll bar houses the headrests and there is a zip-up wind protector as well.

Definitely prettier than BMW’s Z3 roadster, the Z8 abounds in exterior retro styling cues: side vents, split front grille with built-in driving lights, flared wheel arches, and nice wide 18-inch wheels and tires. Not as striking as its predecessor, the Z8 is actually a very subtle looking automobile and kind of blends in to the background. It doesn’t stick out like – say – the Plymouth Prowler or Audi TT.





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TOYOTA Land Cruiser


Toyota has quietly introduced a handful of Modellista styling accessories for the Land Cruiser Prado in Japan.

Starting with the exterior, the model can be equipped with an aerodynamic body kit that includes front and rear bumper extensions. Customers can also order a sports exhaust system, power retractable side steps and 17- or 20-inch alloy wheels with a shadow silver or deep gunmetal finish.

Interior changes are limited but the company offers LED lights and a drink cooler.

The accessories will go on sale shortly and prices range from ¥19,950 for the drink cooler to ¥378,000 for the 20-inch alloy wheels with Yokohama tires.

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Japanese Used cars

We Understanding our customer, Reduce the Price,and offer customer to buy a Japanese used car Customer Satisfaction Price. Before delivery stock to customer, we send Quality Maintenance (JEVIC -Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center) team to check the car condition.) to check vehicle condition, performance, speed, Export Certification, Odometer verification’s, Replacement documentation, Stolen vehicle checks, Structural damage inspections, Translations, Vehicle background checks, Mileage.


Tips:Importing Used Vehicle From Japan




When importing a used vehicle from Japan you should be aware of the following points:


– Check the import regulations of the destination country with the appropriate authorities.


– Check the customs duties payable.


– Confirm the presence of an Export certificate which the Exporter (car dealer) should have, if the Exporter does not have the Export certificate, the vehicle cannot be exported from Japan.


– Ensure that the vehicle has undergone any mandatory pre-shipment inspections in Japan e.g. RWI or Odometer inspections, as required by the importing country.





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Japanese Automobile Dealers

Small cars are next on the new-product agenda for Toyota, Honda and Nissan.


Toyota’s redesigned Corolla and the new Nissan Versa Note arrive in showrooms this year and Honda’s Fit successor is due next summer.


But plenty more is in the works over the next four years for the Japanese import brands and another California-based carmaker, Tesla.


Take technology advances, for instance. Honda extends its Earth Dreams engine family next year to the Fit. The engines, with direct injection and double-overhead cams, debuted last year on the Accord.


Honda and Toyota join Nissan in shifting heavily into continuously variable transmissions. Toyota will adopt CVTs starting this fall with the redesigned Corolla.


Among Japan’s luxury brands, Infiniti and Acura are aiming to close the gap with Lexus by extending their lineups. Lexus will try to make inroads against Mercedes-Benz and BMW by launching what it promises will be sportier and more exciting vehicles.


Infiniti plans a high-end flagship sedan that would put the brand into the BMW 7-series category. A premium sedan and coupe are planned for later in the decade.


Lexus will add the RC 350 compact coupe next year and its hybrid-powered LF-LC flagship coupe is expected in 2015. Acura’s high-tech NSX sports car will debut in the first half of 2015.


Meanwhile, the future product strategy of Toyota’s Scion is up in the air, while Tesla is laying out plans to extend its lineup of electric vehicles.


Here are the product plans for Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Honda, Acura, Nissan, Infiniti and Tesla through 2017.



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